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I was born and raised in Paterson City New Jersey to Colombian parents. Our hometown was an established blue-collar community where I Iearned the value of academics, faith and hard work. 

I learned the value of insurance after being approached by a life insurance agent and the level of knowledge that he had regarding the insurance industry and how everything revolves around risk in our day and age really impressed me. 

So much that I changed careers from Electronics Engineering to Financial Services.

Having obtained my bachelor’s in finance and Economics in 2019, I currently provide financial security and free financial advice to my clients regarding their future financial decisions on retirement and insurance planning using a full range of insurance products and strategies.



Medicare & Prescriptions

Owen Insurance Group offers CONFIDENCE and CLARITY over CONFUSION with Medicare as we know it can be very confusing for most Americans, as Medicare laws and Plans change quite frequently. He provides stress-free, professional, confidential, and easy-to-understand Medicare planning for our clients, and it doesn’t cost you a dime for her expertise. It’s important that you choose not only the right Medicare Plan, but the right Agent/Agency.
With Owen Insurance Group, you will have an ‘Agent for Life.' Wil will always be there for you, long after the sale has been made!

Find The Coverage You Need

There are numerous Medicare election periods and each of them serving a different purpose when it comes to signing up for benefits.

Two of these common periods illustrate the difference between the two periods that sound similar. The Initial Enrollment Period (IEP) and the Initial Coverage Election Period (ICEP) may potentially overlap, making them easy to confuse.

Life Insurance

When it comes to planning for your family’s future, life insurance is one of the most important things you have to consider.

By investing in the right policy now, you can virtually ensure your family’s financial stability for years to come.

However, choosing the right life insurance policy isn’t so easy. It requires an in-depth knowledge of the industry and carriers, and that’s why you can always rely on Owen Insurance Group.

​Give us a call whenever you’ve got some free time and want to discuss your policy options.

Retirement Planning

We simplify this process by helping you understand the complexities of both Medicare and Social Security as these are the two most important decisions that you will make that will carry you in to retirement with Long-Term-Care planning coming in at number three.

Time It Right!

Five years prior to your retirement or age 60 is a good time to start the adjustment phase and five years after to reflect and possibly tweak some of the decisions that you have made, such as harvesting patterns or unnecessary spending.

Whatever your goals in retirement are trust Owen Insurance Group to be there guiding you every step of the way!



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Wil Altamiranda



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